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Metron2 - Solar Powered

Product Brand:   Powelectrics Metron2
Product Code:   Metron2/SOL-SYS
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4 analogue inputs, solar powered (10w cell) with backup battery and regulator, on base plate (185.1 x 337.4mm), IP67 weatherproof enclosure with integral display. Built in GSM modem for GPRS or SMS communications, integral antenna.

If the solar cell is installed with a clear view of the southern sky in England then it can support readings being taken from typical sensors and tansmitted every 10 minutes. If you are further north then the incidence of sunlight is less and either a 2nd solar cell is needed or data needs to be sent less frequently.

Compatible with our 'web based data & sims. Simply connect your sensors and then securely view your reaadings via the internet.Devices can be programmed from the web interface.